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Increasedodds thread from below

Posted By: Sean
Date: 7 Feb 04, 11:43 am

I tried to post this response in the thread below, but all sorts of unrelated messages popped up in the thread, so I think something is screwed up. In any case, I am sorry for the delay in replying.

A while ago, I started offering about 50% of the referral bonuses to people who would reference me when joining sites. About 3 months ago, I stopped this practice.

It is true that sites do pay referral bonuses or affiliate fees. These payments are nothing like player bonuses. In general, I am lucky to get paid once a year (Maybe twice a year by each site). They are getting better with their affiliations, but are still horrible with their refer a friend bonuses.

During the time when I was offering bonuses to people who used my reference, there was a statement on my site stating "Payments will be made once the owner of increasedodds.com has been paid by the applicable book for the referral and once it can be confirmed that said player did sign up at the applicable book. If it can not be confirmed that a player has signed up or if the owner of increasedodds.com is not paid, the player will not be paid by increasedodds.com . If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use my referral code."

I have paid a number of players who signed up through my site at the time. Only two come to mind from this site (Billpapa and Doug) I think most people on this site have decided not to be linked directly to my account (I don't think their is any problem with going through an affiliate link, but being linked right to my name may or may not cause a mark down the line).

At this point in time, I have three people awaiting a payment. Freddie from Carib, A guy named Scotty (I don't know his name here but he said he came from here) from Canbet, and Mr. Tom. I have emailed Carib and Freddie and have not received the credit from Carib. Regarding Canbet, I have emeiled three times and have not received confirmation that Scotty did indeed fund his account. I will try emailing again. Regarding Mr. Tom, about 2 months ago, I made a post on the main forum stating that I had a laptop die on me and lost a few peoples' referral information. I asked him to email me the sites/account numbers he signed up with so that I could look into the bonuses and send him his. I never heard from him. Thus, I will ask again that he email me the accounts he signed up at so I can get him his share.

Along the same lines, if anyone else thinks I owe them money, please let me know. As I said I lost emails from a few months. I think I have tracked everyone else down, but I am not 100% sure. Email slavin@alum.mit.edu if you think I owe you.

I never set out to create a fraudulent site. When I set up Increasedodds, I did so because I had the info and thought why not. I then decided to offer small perks to sign up through me. I never realized what a pain in the ass it would be to track down bonuses and be able to prove who had signed up. BEcause of this, I disabled this on my site. I no longer offer bonuses. I simply get sign ups by offering people advice and by advertising in a number of places on and offline.

I will admit I have not been perfect in being prompt (Lost all the information for a couple of months) and the sites only pay about 1 or 2 times per year (Something I did not know going in) but it is my intention not to "scam" anyone.

Hope this answers the questions, and I am happy to hear from anyone who thinks I owe them a referral fee.





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